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How does the Quick Text feature work?

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How does the Quick Text feature work?


The Quick Text feature is one of the word expander options available in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC).  Quick Text shortcuts are triggered by typing the shortcut and pressing F3.


  • Unlike the Quick Type feature (KB186), which is triggered by the spacebar, Quick Text entries are not always expanded.  A user can type ekg, for example, and choose to leave it in that form rather than expand it to the long version. Quick Text also includes formatting. 
  • Quick Text is similar to (but not exactly the same as) Auto Text in MS Word. 
    • In fact, a user who has many Auto Text entries in MS Word, can choose to import them into the ITC using the "Retrieve from file/MS Word" button on the Quick Text tab of the User Setting screen.  (Under Tools/Options on the ITC Main Window.)
  • Entries can be added from the document canvas itself.  To do so, select (highlight) the expanded text you want to add then press Alt + F3 (or choose Insert, Quick Text from the menu).  Type a shortcut abbreviation when prompted, then press Ok.   The entry will be added and is visible on the Quick Text setup screen.
  • KB773 for detailed instructions on adding Quick Text entries.

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