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How does InfraWare handle time zones?

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How InfraWare Handles Time Zones


InfraWare 360 is a global platform which can accommodate users working across multiple platforms.


  • InfraWare handles time zones automatically.  Let's look at an example.  Say you are transcription manager in Tampa, FL (Eastern Time zone in the U.S.).  When jobs are created, we store the time in Universal Time (UTC).  We also store all audit trail actions in UTC.
  • Then, when an end-user is using the platform through a PC, we apply the local time zone setting on that PC.  In other words, if an author in Chicago (where it is GMT-5) finishes a dictation at 10 a.m., we store that as 3 p.m. UTC.  Then, when you look at the job in FL (where it is GMT-4) you see the dictation was completed at 11a.m.  When an MT in CA (where it is GMT-7) looks at the job, the dictation time would be 8 a.m.
  • Everyone should see all times in a format that is local to them.  8 a.m. in CA is the same time as 10 a.m. in IL and 11 a.m. in FL.  Everyone gets to 'think local'. 

A limitation to this scenario is the date/time field for the time of transcription/dictation that is used in a template.  Those fields are evaluated by the ITC using the Facility's time zone, so it is stamped with whatever time it is from the standpoint of the Facility.  Including the time zone on the template can avoid confusion later on.

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