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How do I handle multiple reports in one dictation job?

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How do I handle multiple reports in one dictation job?


The InfraWare Transcription software (ITC) has a feature called Duplicate Job feature. This option allows you to split the current job, creating a new job (with new job #), to accommodate multiple dictations in the same audio file.  This will create a copy of the job, including the entire audio file. 

Before using this option please check with your account administrator to make sure this is allowed.


This feature can be accessed from both the Main Window, and from the ITC Editor window. The preferred method is from the Editor, with steps as detailed below. 

  • From the ITC Editor window, when at the point where you have completed the first job, find the audio position is at the beginning of for the next second job, go to theclick File from the menu bar, and choose Duplicate Job, or use the Keyboard Shortcut (Ctrl +D).
  • You will be prompted to enter the number of copies to create.  (You will be able to duplicate the job again if needed.)
    • If you wish to copy the original patient demographics (ADT) check the box next to “Copy ADT Information” option.  This option will copy the patient information to the newly created report.
    • Click OK.
  • A new window will open with focus in the New Subject field. 
    • By default this will be the Subject ID of the original job followed by the Copy number1 listed.  Modify the correct Subject if needed. 
    • Select the Document Type, Author, etc. (if changes are needed).  These options will default to properties of the original job. 
    • STAT:  Select whether the duplicate job should be considered STAT by checking/unchecking the box.  This will default to the original job's priority level.
    • The Starting Time indicates the audio position where the new job will start.  This will default to the point at which you split the report, but can be modified if necessary.
    • If the Download Now checkbox is checked the ITC will immediately begin downloading the new job in the background.  If you do not choose the Download Now option the new job will be created on the server, assigned to you, and made available for download to you only.
    • Click OK.
  • Upon clicking OK, the ITC will contact the platform servers to create the new job(s). 
  • If you chose more than 1 copy of the job in the first step above you will be prompted for the properties of each duplicate job. 
  • You will need to finish any edits to the original job and mark it Complete. 
  • The Duplicate job(s) will be on the work list in the Main window.  Open each Duplicate, transcribe, and mark Complete.  Audio will start at the point indicated in the first step of duplication. 
  • Notes: 
    • This option will only be available from the ITC Main Window for jobs which have been opened and then saved. If you have never opened/Saved the job this option will not be availablebe grayed out.
    • When the First Draft back-end speech recognition service is used, the original job remains a First Draft job, but the subsequent jobs created as a result of duplicating the original job will be counted as regular Transcription jobs with a regular template and no First Draft present. See KB777


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