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How do I allow MTs to send messages to Authors?

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How do I allow MTs to send messages to Authors?


Sometimes MTs will want to bring something to the attention of a document's author or records staff.  For this purpose, InfraWare 360 supports embedded messages to Authors in addition to the ability for an Author to send feedback to the transcription staff.


  • In order for an MT to be allowed to embed messages to Authors, a setting must be activated on the Transcriptionist Settings page.  The setting is labeled:
    • "Allow MT to embed messages to Author/Facility", and there are three selections available:

    -No (default setting) 
    -Yes, even if no eSign
    -Yes, allow MT to route to eSign

  • When the setting is No, the feature is disabled and MTs cannot embed messages to Authors.  Both of the Yes settings allow MTs to send messages.  Typically, an embedded message will be viewed by the Author when they are reviewing the document prior to eSign-off in the Secure Web Portal.  However, eSign-off is an optional workflow step in the platform.  That explains why there are two Yes options.
  • 'Yes, even if no eSign' means that the MT can embed a message even if the job in question is not scheduled to go to the eSign-off workflow step.  This is important because the scenario implies there is a good chance the message will not be seen by the Author unless an interface or some other technology have been implemented to ensure delivery to them.
  • 'Yes, allow MT to route to eSign' means the MT can embed a message and, if the job was not already required to be routed through eSign-off, the MTs action can change that workflow plan to require eSign-off.  This can be advisable to be sure the Author sees the message, but it is important to understand that if the Author never accesses the Secure Web Portal to review and sign documents, they will not see the job to review and complete it.

In the event that all jobs for an author are going to eSign-off anyway, the platform's behavior will be the same regardless of which 'Yes' option was selected.

How messages are viewed by Authors

  • In the Secure Web Portal, when Authors perform eSign-off with the Online Editor, they are presented with messages when they exist.  They can provide feedback in a separate text box, mark the job as Rejected, and it is routed back to QA.
  • In InfraWare Dictation for iOS, if there is a Facility Message associated with a job there will be a red (i) indicator next to the job on the eSign list/Completed list.  Tap to select that document and display a read-only view of the job, then tap the (i) indicator in the top right corner to see details of the message.  See KB919 for details.

How does an MT create a facility message in the ITC, once the admin has made the appropriate settings for the account?

  • Select the "Facility Msgs (F7)" tab in the ITC Panel at the bottom of the ITC screen.
  • Highlight the questionable text in the document that is currently loaded in the ITC. This will help the author know for what part of the document the MT is sending this message.
  • Press the "New" button on the "Facility Msgs (F7)" tab
  • Type the brief message that should be sent to the author
  • Press Assign Current Time in order to pass along the audio timestamp to the author
  • You will now have a facility message that will be sent to the author for this job.
  • If the MT decides they do not want to send this message, they can highlight the message (in the Msgs box) and press Delete before completing the document in the ITC.

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