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How can I require MTs to play an entire audio file?

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How can I require MTs to play an entire audio file?


InfraWare offers an Account-wide feature to require MTs play an entire audio file (reach the end of file, EOF) before marking a job complete in the transcription workflow step.  When this feature is enabled, the MT must reach the end of the recording either by playing to end, fast-forwarding, or moving the slider before they can mark a transcription job complete.  This feature does not affect QA jobs.


How to enable

Login to the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) and click the Administrator tab, then click the Edit Account button.  Scroll down to the
Transcription section and place a check mark next to "Require Playing Entire Dictation".   Checking this box will enable the feature for all jobs downloaded by MTs for transcription after the box was checked.

How it works

The ITC will keep the audio position at the end of the file when it is reached.  When that happens and the pedal is release and then pressed again, the EOF tones (if enabled) will sound.   Upon reaching the end, the Mark Complete button becomes enabled.


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