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How do I log in and use the InfraWare Management Console (IMC)?

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InfraWare Management Console (IMC)

Quick Start Guide

Scope of Guide

Quick Start Guides are intended to provide a new user with a brief introduction to the covered application. The Guides are not a substitute for training, and they are not comprehensive. Rather, they are concise documents that orient new users to the fundamentals of accessing and navigating the programs. Finally, they direct users to context-sensitive support resources for granular information on certain features.

Who should use this Guide and the IMC?

The IMC is used primarily by licensed Administrators in the InfraWare 360 platform. Valid users of all roles have different levels of access to the IMC.

Before You Begin

Before you begin, please be aware of the yellow circles with question marks in them. Clicking these images will bring up information about the area on the page with which they are associated. 


The IMC provides an organized, all-in-one location for an administrator to manage all steps from a job’s beginning to its end.

Logging In

» Using a supported browser (KB1008), navigate to the following address:


                (Bookmark this location by making it a favorite in IE)

» Provide your username and password, then click the login button.


Navigating the IMC

The IMC is laid out with pages on tabs and sub-tabs. Notice the Tasks tab is the initial page.

» Click to explore various tabs. Notice the sub-tabs that appear when a tab is selected.

» Notice the round yellow question mark links to context-sensitive help screens.


Purpose of each Tab

  • Tasks
    The tasks tab allows a user to customize his IMC experience through the Change My Preferences option. These links will help you quickly navigate to other tab locations within the IMC for a quick setup experience.

  • Administration
    The administration tab allows you to navigate and edit basic areas of your account setup including facilities and users, billing and pay models and permissions. 
  • Document Config
    The Document Config tab determines the text form in which dictations will be sent to transcriptionists in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC). Document Types, Templates, Normals, Document Specifications and Global Document files are located in this tab. Building a Document Type ties together such features as turn-around time requirements, templates, and work types. Templates are built with the InfraWare Template Editor (ITE), a separate application available to InfraWare customers.

  • Queue
    The Queue tab provides a convenient dashboard for a transcription manager to quickly view and analyze workload needs and available resources. 

    Search Panel: The box located above the list of jobs can be used to perform quick searches by a single criteria or a more complex Saved Search.

Job Actions: Below the Search Panel is a list of Job Actions including view Properties, Return to Server or QA, Delete, Fax or Download, just to name a few. When clicked, these actions are performed on jobs selected by placing a checkmark in the left most column of a job’s row.

  • Job Properties: Details of a single job can be quickly viewed or changed by clicking the Job # to load the Job Properties page.   Notice, the Job Properties window actually has four sub-tabs that link to other tasks.  View Job Properties is the default.
    • Click View Audit Trail to see another tab with useful information

  • First Draft
    For customers subscribed to the First Draft Dictation Recognition Service, the First Draft tab allows users to manage First Draft workflow, enable authors, enable editors, and view specialized reported for First Draft.
  • Workflow
    The Workflow tab provides a convenient shortcut to apply workflow settings such as MT Access Rights, QA Requirements, eSign-Off routing, and Document Delivery. Clicking the desired workflow step will direct the Administrator to the appropriate location, allowing them to customize those settings. Alerts can be setup to notify users about jobs that warrant special attention. 

  • Delivery
    The Delivery tab allows users to set up flexible Document Delivery Instructions. Destinations such as SFTP servers, IP printers, UNC paths, and fax numbers can be specified for plans that will automatically execute upon document completion. The Download Settings sub-tab allows users to define custom filenames based on job information when downloading a file from the IMC or the Secure Web Portal. The Address Book sub-tab contains recipient contact information when specifying fax destinations or carbon copy (CC) information, allowing an MT to conveniently enter this information in the ITC.

  • Reports
    The reports tab allows administrators to easily produce reports necessary for Billing, Pay, Turn-Around Time, and Dictation Activity. Content for these reports can be customized using selected date range, facilities, users, and other groupings, and the results may be printed or exported to Excel. 

  • Software
    The IMC runs in your web browser so it does not need to install. Other InfraWare software programs can be installed from the software tab.

  • Help
    The help tab allows users to search the InfraWare Knowledgebase (KB) for answers and information using a convenient keyword search.

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