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How do you create a Unit Definition for Billing or Pay?

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How to Create a Unit Definition for Billing and/or Pay



In this guide, you will learn how to create a Unit Definition that can be used for a Billing Model or Pay Model.


Unit Definitions in the InfraWare 360 transcription platform allow customers to customize the math upon which to compute document metrics for pay and billing. The Unit Definition, for example, describes what constitutes a line of transcription for paying a transcriptionist or billing a customer. 

The platform includes many predefined units, including "character" and "non whitespace character" that can be used in Billing and Pay Models without following this procedure to create custom units.  In other words, creating these custom units is optional.  If you commonly bill customers for a 65-character line, you can choose to define such a line to use it over and over in Billing Models.   

Before You Begin:

You will need the following before you begin: 

  • An Administrator login ID and password for the IMC.


  • Log in to the IMC at www.InfraWare.com/IMC.

  • Select Billing Models or Pay Models on the Administration tab.
  • Under Unit Definitions, click New unit definition button.

  • For Unit Description, enter a unique name for the Unit Definition.

  • Under Equivalent to this many units: Enter the number of units that the Unit Definition is equal to.

  • Using this unit: Use the drop-down menu and choose the measurement used such as character, visible line, line break, non whitespace character, page break, etc.

    • For example for a 65-character line:
      Unit Description: 65-character line
      Equivalent to this many units: 65
      Using this unit: Character

  • Detailed descriptions for each base unit selection option
    • Character – means any character typed or present in a document, including spaces, tabs, punctuation.
    • Non whitespace character – means any printable character, excluding so-called “white” characters, such as spaces, tabs and line breaks. Sometimes called visual black character (vbc).
    • Line break – means any line in the document, as defined by soft (word wrap) or hard (enter key) like breaks.
    • Visible line – means any line in the document with a printable character, no matter how many or few. 
    • Page break - means any change in page, counting a page as a whole. 
    • Second - means the number of seconds of an audio dictation file. 
    • Completed documents - means any completed transcription jobs as a whole. 

  • Page break - means any change in page, counting a page as a whole.  

  • Click Create New.

  • Please note, all unit definitions created under Billing Models are available under Pay Models and vice versa.

Please watch a short video that describes the pay feature:

How to Create a Unit Definition for Billing Model or Payroll.pdf (340.4Kb)

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