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How do I create a Document Type?

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How to Create a Document Type (Work Type)


In this guide, you will learn how to create a Document Type.    You will be able to place each Document Type into a specific Document Category under a facility.   

Document Types (also called work types) provide a structure to define workflow settings, speech recognition parameters and templates.  Authors typically specify a Document Type when submitting a dictation.

You will need the following before you begin:

  • An Administrator login ID and password for the IMC.  


  • Select Document Types on the Document Config tab.






  • Click New Document Type. 


  • Choose the Document Category from the drop-down menu or Choose New to create a new Document Category
  • Enter the Name of the new Document Category


  • For Description, enter a unique name for the Document Type.   
  • Document Type ID:   Enter a unique identifying number which the author/physician will enter as the work type at the beginning of his/her dictation.   
  • External Work Type ID:   Enter the work type number that corresponds with your facility’s identifying work type number. 
  •  Document Template Initials:   Enter a unique set of initials for the Document Type for reporting. 
  • Template:  Choose from the drop-down menu the corresponding template created using the InfraWare Template Editor (ITE).  See Knowledge Base article #227 , How to Create a Template.  This can be left at ‘none’ if the template isn’t created yet.
  • Normal priority turn-around time in minutes:  Enter the number of minutes (i.e. 48 hours = 2880 minutes) turnaround time for this Document Type.   Then check whether you would like to exclude Saturday and Sunday in that turnaround time.    
  • STAT turn-around time in minutes:  If jobs ordered STAT require a different turnaround time, enter that here.  If the same, enter  same as above.  (Do not leave blank.)  
  • Automatically STAT:  Check this box to automatically promote all jobs of this Document Type to STAT. 
  • User Defined Fields:  Click on the arrow to the left to define any user defined fields (UDF) for this Document Type. 
  • QA Settings:  Click the arrow next to this to setup QA Requirements and Authorizations for this Document Type. 
  • eSign-Off Settings:  Click the arrow to set up eSign Requirements and Authorizations for this Document Type.  
  • Override author First-Draft settings for jobs of this type:  Click this box if you are not using Speech Recognition for this Document Type. 
  • When you are done with this Document Type, Click the Save button.

Document Type Template Video

Assigning Document to Type Video

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