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How do I create a new ADT entry in the IMC?

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How to Create a New ADT Entry (ADT Insertion) in the IMC


In this guide, you will learn how to create an ADT entry from a patient list, schedule or other records provided by a Facility that can be accessed in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC).

InfraWare 360 allows you to enter ADT records into the InfraWare 360 Platform from the InfraWare Management Console (IMC).  This is a completely optional step for customers that don’t have an automated ADT feed in place and who want to enter ADT data prior to transcription to simulate the experience of having an ADT feed and to save time for the MT.  (Otherwise, the MT can just enter the information in the ITC when she begins the job.)

Using this method will cause the system to simulate the experience of an ADT feed.  After a patient’s ADT info is in the system, when an author enters the corresponding MRN or Account number at the time of dictation, the corresponding ADT entry will automatically populate into the ADT Screen of the ITC.  This saves the MT the time of entering that information manually at the time of transcription.  In cases of a mismatch, the MT can also look up patient information based on the data provided in the author’s dictation.  

You will need the following before you begin:

  • An Administrator login ID and password for the IMC.  
  • Patient list, schedule, or some identifying data to be entered.   


  • Go to the Delivery tab and select the ADT sub-tab on the Delivery tab.

To Create a New ADT Entry:

  • Select the appropriate Facility for the patient.
  • Select ADT for the ADT fields to appear. 
  • Fill in the information provided.
  • Optional: If you need to add additional information not visible on this screen, select User Defined Fields (UDFs) for the UDF fields to appear.
  • Enter in the additional information.
  • When done with both sections, click the Save All Button.
  • Repeat this for every new ADT entry. 

To View, Delete, or Update Current Records

  • Select the »View Current Records link.
  • Enter text to Search for:
  • Delete: 
    • Check the box next to the record you wish to delete.
    • Click the Delete icon.
  • Update:
    • Click the Update link next to the record you wish to Update.
    • Modify the record fields.
    • Click Update Entry at the bottom.


  • You can add as many entries as you like, but you cannot search, edit or delete ADT records with this feature.
  • The platform’s behavior for ADT records depends on the ADT Data Source for each facility, as set on the Facility Settings Page in the IMC.  See KB156 for a description of those options.  When primarily entering ADT data from the IMC, InfraWare recommends using the ADT Feed selection for this setting.  When MTs are often entering patient demographics on the ADT Screen for the first time, InfraWare recommends using the ITC Entry selection.  The ITC Entry setting will cause the platform to save each ADT Screen entry into the ADT database for future reference.

How to Create a New ADT Entry.pdf (302.9Kb)

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