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How do I Create a Delivery Destination?

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How to Create a Delivery Destination


In this guide, you will learn how to create a Delivery Destination for completed reports.    

Delivery Destinations are used to define the location where jobs should be delivered upon completion.  These Destinations can be used in two ways.  When a new dictation is submitted, the platform evaluates all Delivery Plans to identify any that apply to the new job.  For each applicable Plan, Delivery Instructions are created.  During transcription, an MT can click the Delivery button in the ITC to see Delivery Instructions for the current job.  He/she can add, delete instructions as needed.  When doing so, the MT is prompted to select a Destination that already exists in the system.  (One exception is the common practice of specifying a fax number, typically for referring physicians, and those don’t need to be setup as a Destination in the platform.)   Aside from fax numbers, Delivery Destinations must be created in the system before an Admin can specify one in a Delivery Plan or an MT can specify one during transcription.

You will need the following before you begin:

  • An Administrator login ID and password for the IMC.  


  • Select Destinations on the Delivery tab. 

  To Create a Delivery Destination:

  • Go to the Delivery tab, Destinations subtab and click New Destination:
  • Name the destination:
  • Choose the Type of Destination:
    • FTP:
    • Printer:
    • Fax:
      • If Fax is the Type of delivery you can choose whether or not to include a cover page by clicking the box. 
      • Click the icon to choose from the address book.
    • eMail:
      • Click the icon to choose from the address book.
    • Direct:
  • Click Save.










  • Destinations are Facility-specific, so choose the appropriate Facility.
  • Click the New Destination Button. 
  • Name this Destination:  Select a unique name for this destination.
  • What type of destination:   The remainder of the screen will change based on the type of Destination you choose. There are four choices for destinations:

    • FTP:  Fill in the IP address/URL, Port, Username, Password, Type, and Path.  Supply these items from information supplied by the owner/admin of the FTP server.  For protocol, InfraWare recommends SFTP for security and reliability.  FTP should only be used when a VPN is also in place to protect private health info.  The path includes both the folder names and the filename.  You can use field variables to name the documents and folders.  It is important to specify filenames such that each document will be named uniquely. See also KB117

    • Printer:  Enter the public IP address for the printer.  See also KB130 for Firewall Help. 

    • UNC Path: Enter the UNC path for delivery:  See KB116.  

    • Direct Messaging - DDS destination can be set up using that address.  This DDS destination will behave the same as other destinations, in that you can choose the format of the completed jobs (PDF, DOC, RTF) and set up delivery plans.  The documents will come through as attachments to the Direct message that InfraWare sends to the destination address. See KB750.

    • Fax:  Enter a fax number or select a fax number from the address book.   

      • If you would like to include a cover page, select Include Cover Page and enter the corresponding information into the fields below.
      • A fax Destination is usually only needed when a fax number will be used over and over for every job of a particular author or facility.  For occasional use (such as for referring physicians) this is unnecessary.  You should just add them to the Address Book. 

 For a printer-friendly version of this document, please open the attached PDF. 


Please watch a short video that describes the DDS feature:



How to Create a Delivery Destination.pdf (317.6Kb)

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