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Fax Delivery Instructions for the ITC

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Fax Delivery Instructions for the ITC


This Knowledgebase article contains a brief description of basic instructions for setting up faxing instructions using the ITC.

Method #1

  • While in the ITC Editor, use Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D or click on the Delivery button.  A new window will open. 
  • Click the New Delivery Instruction button.

  • Choose Fax on Completion and enter the Fax number or click Address Book Lookup if it is in the Facility Address Book. 
  • Click "Include a cover Page" if you would like to add a cover page (recommended for privacy info).
  • Optional: You can also click "Require release before delivery" (not recommended).  For more information, click on the yellow question mark icon  for an explanation of this feature.

  • Click Save.
  • This instruction will remain idle until the job’s last required workflow step (transcription, QA or eSign) becomes complete. Moments after completion, the fax will be sent and the result will be logged in the Audit Trail and on the Delivery Instructions page in the IMC.

Method #2

  • If looking up the fax recipient from the Address Book from within the ITC 
  • Click Address Book. 

  •  Select the recipient from the address book list.  Two choices:
  • First choice:  
    • If you would like to insert the recipient information into the document, put a checkmark next to Add New Fax Instruction.  (If you would like this to be checked automatically, see knowledge base article #273
    • Put a checkmark next to Insert as CC if needed
  • Second choice:   If you do not need to enter the recipient information into the document, click New Fax
  • A new window will then appear with the recipient’s fax number and contact information. You can also choose whether or not to add a Cover Page as well as Require Release before Delivery.

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