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How can I control recording in the IDC?

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Sound Recording Directly in the IDC

The IDC experience provides the option of sound recording directly into the IDC from the home screen using a PC microphone.

To record a new dictation in the IDC v2009, first select the Record New button located on the Button Bar.

The Recording window will then appear. You will be prompted to choose the Facility for which the author is dictating, the Document Category, and Document Type (work type) of the report. Identify the patient by typing an ID into the Subject field. (This field will automatically fill in if a barcode is scanned.) Lastly, select STAT, if applicable.

Optional: Select the recording device (if you have more than one and need to change the selection).
When ready to dictate, click the red Record button (or press Ctrl-R). To control the recording behavior:
  • Use the mouse to click appropriate VCR control buttons, or
  • Use the keystroke shortcuts (available to review or change under ID User Settings) or  
  • Use USB foot pedals for hands-free operation.

When finished, click the Save button.

Transmit the dictation to the InfraWare 360 platform by clicking Send on the Main Window.

Please watch a short video by clicking the image below:

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