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How can I setup/Manage QA Score Points?

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How do I setup and manage QA Score Points for QA Scoring?


InfraWare 360 supports QA Scoring.  The first step in using this feature is to define how you want to score your MTs.  This is done by setting point values you would like to use to evaluate errors found by QA editors in documents.   QA Score points assign a value to each error in a report that has been transcribed by an MT.   These errors are then evaluated in the QA Scoring Report.  

An MT's QA Score is evaluated by the following equation in the QA Scoring Report: 

(Total Error Points) / (Total Lines) x 100 = percent QA Score (errors)

Example:   Total lines = 250,  Total Error Points = 3

3 divided by 250 = 0.012 x 100 = 1.2% error rate

Subtract from 100% (100% - 1.2%) = 98.8% accuracy



·         Sign into the IMC using your Administrator login and password. 

·         Click the Work flow tab and then the QA Management Sub-tab.



·         Click Manage QA Score Points.


·         Each point assignment is created under a Scoring Category.  You can have just one, or as many as you need to organize them effectively.  (Example: Major Errors, Minor Errors). Enter a Category Description. 

·         Click Add Category.


·         Add a Scoring Type.

·         Choose the category from the drop-down menu.

·         Enter a Description and Point value.

·         Click Add Type.


·         Current Scoring Types are listed below. 

  •  To Rename a Scoring Category, click Change.
  •  To Delete a Scoring Category, click Delete. 
  • Repeat these steps for each QA score type you would like to create.   

Now these Categories and Points will be available for selection by QA editors performing QA.

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