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How do I specify how incoming dictations match ADT records?

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Matching ADT Records to New Jobs


InfraWare 360 Administrators can specify how a patient in the ADT demographics table will be matched to an incoming dictation in the InfraWare 360 platform.  


The InfraWare 360 Platform allows Administrators to specify the matching behavior of the ADT demographic feed or author entry. When a dictation is created on the platform, a Subject is usually specified.  This can be from telephone entry by the physician, from an entry in the IDC or even an automated retrieval process from a third party dictation system.  It is the value entered for the Subject that the platform tries to match to an ADT record.

When a job is downloaded to the ITC, the dictation Subject of the job can be matched with any of three choices in the ADT records:

a. Medical Record Number

b. Account Number

c. Order Number 

The process can check for one, two or all three until it finds a match. (Caution: Only select to search more than one field if that is really appropriate.  Otherwise, a patient could potentially be mis-matched when values in these fields overlap.) With this matching capability, when the MT opens the job, the ADT information that was matched will populate into the ADT screen, saving the MT the time it would take to search for the ADT information herself.   If no data was matched for the MT, that means there was no match in the ADT records based on how the Administrator setup the matching behavior (below). 

This matching process is only appropriate when ADT demographics are stored in the platform (usually from an ADT feed or from prior MT entry).

You will need the following before you begin:
Ø An Administrator login ID and password for the IMC. 
Ø Log in to the IMC at www.InfraWare.com/IMC
Ø On the Administrator tab, choose the Facilities sub-tab. 
Ø Click on the name of a Facility to edit that facility.
Ø Select Advance View and scroll down to the Patient Demographics section to find “Auto-match Job's Subject to"
o   The three choices provided are Medical Record Number, Account Number, and Order Number.
o   Choose which of the three (it could be all of them) that you would like to be auto-matched.

Ø Click Save Changes.





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