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How do I QA Score a job and/or provide MT Feedback in the Online Editor in the IMC or in the ITC?

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How do I QA score a job in the Online Editor in the IMC/ITC?


The InfraWare 360 platform allows editors to perform QA scoring on jobs either during production or post-production.  During the production stage, QA scoring can be done during the QA in the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) process (see Knowledge Base article #271 "QA in the Online Editor/IMC") or while performing QA in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC).  During the post-production stage, QA scoring can also be done in the Online Editor from the IMC.  This process can also be used to provide MT Feedback without scoring.


  • Permission to Score (KB879)
  • QA Admin permission (KB179) and/or QA Authorization (KB180)



Start a QA session in the InfraWare Transcription Client or start a QA session in the InfraWare Management Console of production jobs.  If QA'ing post-production jobs, generate a sample of  jobs (see Knowledge Base article #263 "How to Perform Post-Production QA with QA Scoring"). 

With the job open in the Online Editor/ITC Editor: 

  • Highlight the text to be QA Scored/marked for MT Feedback. 
  • Use Ctrl + W or click Edit - Mark for QA Scoring

  • Add MT Feedback in the Comment section 
  • QA Scoring:  This is optional.  To leave a QA score, check QA Scoring.  If you wish to just provide MT Feedback you can skip this section.
    • Using the drop-down menus, select Scoring Category and Type 
  • Click Save.

Do this for each QA Scoring Mark in the job. 

  • Click on the QA Scoring tab 

    • Review QA Score marks 
    • Delete marks if necessary 

  • Checkmark: 

    • Send Feedback to MT 
    • Allow MT to see Point Values 
  • Please note that MTs will have access to this feedback in the ITC. 
  • A QA Scoring Report is available which tallies the results of an MTs QA Scores - see Knowledge Base article #276 "How to run a QA Score Report" for further information.

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