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How do I determine the version of an InfraWare program?

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How to Determine InfraWare Program Version


The specific version (build) of an InfraWare software application can be determined in several ways:

  • When the program launches you will see a screen which indicates the version. 
    In the screen shot below, the version is
  • On the Log In screen click About and a new window will appear with the version.
    In the screen shot below, the version is
  • If you are logged in to the program click Help on the menu and choosing About (the bottom option on the menu).  A new window will appear with the version (as shown above):


Updating to Latest Version

  • The ITC allows you to check for an update.  To do this click on Help ⇒ Check for Update.  This will check to see if there is an available update for the ITC. 
  • From time to time, InfraWare releases auto-updates that cause the ITC and IDC to update themselves.  When this occurs, the user will be prompted with a message and instructed to restart the program for the new version to take effect. 

  • Fresh Installations:
    • Administrators:  InfraWare programs can be upgraded at any time from the IMC website. The latest version of software available can be found on the IMC Software tab.  Login to the website, click the Software tab.  The screen looks like this:
    • Transcriptionists:  See KB298 for details on ITC installation.

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