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How do I setup the IDC for one-step retrieval?

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IDC Settings for Automatic Retrieval


The IDC can be set up for automatic retrieval from a physician's handheld PDR (or other location containing audio dictation files).  The following User Settings need to be in place for the IDC to upload jobs automatically from the handheld PDR upon connection to the USB port on a computer with the IDC running.


  • Login to the IDC with your username and password
  • Place a checkmark next to "Save as default Email and Password"
    • This allows the user's login information to be saved and the user can just click Login. 

  • Click User Settings - Under General tab
  • Choose the Default Facility and Author.
  • Choose Default Document Category and Default Document Type (Option to Choose Author's Default)
    • These values will be applied to automatically retrieve files.

  • Set the checkboxes as follows (or as desired):

  • Show Import Folder screen (or skip) - Based on User
    • Author Logs on --> Unchecked 
    • Office Staff  who uploads for multiple Authors:  Checked
  • Show Import File Screen (or skip) - unchecked
  • Detect duration on retrieval - unchecked
  • Automatically send after retrieving files - checked
  • By default Delete files after retrieving - checked
  • Attempt to detect duplicate dictations (to avoid uploading a second time) - checked
  • Choose Delete sent dictations after ___ days - enter in the number of days you would like the IDC to save your Sent dictations.

Under PDR Polling:

  • Automatically detect PDR --- checked
  • Prompt before importing from PDR --- unchecked
  • Automatically import subdirectories --- checked
  • PDR Folders to Poll: Plug in Handheld for this setting
    • They will need to add each folder in the top level of the PDR/handheld that they want to import from.  Most handhelds have multiple folders (i.e. FolderA, FolderB, etc.).  All of these need to be added to the list in order for us to get every file on the PDR.
    • To add folders:  Click on the button to navigate to the folder on the handheld.
    • When folder is located, click Add Folder. 
    • Repeat until all 5 folders are added and display in box on the screen. 

To back up these settings:

  • Select Save Settings to File
  • Name the file to save it on your computer
  • Click Save to close the User Settings Window

When the IDC user wants to upload dictations:

  • Launch the IDC and Login with their username and password (which is saved (see above)
  • Connect the Handheld PDR to upload
  • The IDC will automatically detect the PDR and upload dictations based on their default settings
  • For Proxy Author's, a window will pop up to choose the Author from the Drop-Down Menu
  • You can verify this by observing that the jobs are listed in the Job List and a number appears in the Job# column, indicating a successful upload


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