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How do you view similar jobs in the ITC?

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How to View Similar Jobs in the ITC


The InfraWare 360 platform allows an MT to view similar jobs while a job is open in the ITC Editor.  This allows the MT to check previous dictations/reports of the same author, patient, document type, MRN, job number, job subject, or by extra field.


The MT needs to be allowed access (by their administrator) to completed jobs under their Transcription Settings in the IMC.  

  • Log into the IMC with your InfraWare Administrator username and password.
  • Click on the Administration tab, users subtab and locate the MT's name and click on the pencil icon under MT column to open the Transcriptionist Settings
  • Under View Completed Jobs, select either: 
    • Allow access to completed jobs based on MT Access Rights
    • Allow access to any completed jobs
  • Click Save Changes


  • Log in to the ITC using your ITC login and password.
  • Open a new job in the ITC Editor.

To view similar jobs:

  • From the ITC Editor, use Ctrl + Shift + J or go the View menu and select Similar Jobs. 

  • From the ADT Screen use Ctrl + Shift + J or click the link in the bottom left.

    Please Note: Maximize your similar jobs window if you are unable to view all of the attributes/columns.

  • Enter Search Criteria.

Search Options Include:

Jobs by the same Author
Jobs with the same Document TypeJobs with the same Author and Document Type
Jobs with same MRN
Jobs with the same Acct#
Job Number
Job Subject,
Patient Name
Extra Field
  • After making your selection, click on “Search”.
  • Select the document.

Options to open document:

Double click on the document.

Select document, and press Enter.

Select document, and then click on "Open".

  • The Document will then open in a new window for the MT to review.
  • Click Close when done.
  • Click on Advanced Search.


  •  The Search Jobs screen will open.


Please Note: Check with your account administrator if you are unable to access the View Similar Jobs option.

If you are unable to view all of the Search Criteria options, please refer to KB288 for DPI adjustments.

Please watch a short video that describes the Similar Jobs feature:


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