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How do I customize the ADT screen?

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How to Customize the ADT Screen Layout


The InfraWare 360 platform allows for the ADT screen in the ITC 2009 to be customized per facility.  This will save MTs time when navigating in the ADT screen, allowing the MT to tab from one ADT field to the next in the order that the physician dictates.   This customization of the ADT screen also includes ADT UDF (user-defined field) Field Names, Other ADT entries, and ADT search screen column order. 


  • Login to the IMC with your Administrator Username and Password.  
  • Click Administration tab ⇒  Facilities sub tab
  • Choose the Facility you would like to edit. 

To customize ADT UDF Labels:

  • Select Advanced View:
  • Scroll down to the Patient Demographic section and select Manage next to ADT User Definable Fields (UDF)


  • Rename each of the UDF fields that you would like to use. 
  • Click Save Changes.

To customize the ADT screen for this Facility:

  • Select Advanced View:
  • Scroll to the Patient Demographics section
  • Next to ADT Screen Layout, click the »Manage link

  • Under the Main ADT Tab
  • Enable/Disable fields on the main tab on the ITC ADT screen. 
  • The order that the enabled fields appear in this list will be their tab order on the main ADT tab in the ITC.
    • To change the order, select the field to move and choose Up/Down.

  • Next, Enable/Disable fields on the UDF tab on the ITC ADT screen.
  • The order that the enabled fields appear in this list will be their tab order on the UDF tab on the ADT screen in the ITC.
    • To change the order, select the field and choose up/down. 

  • Next, using the drop-down menu, pick which 5 of your UDFs you would like to appear on the Main ADT tab.
    • These will also be displayed on the UDF tab as well.

  • Next, determine which ADT fields appear as columns under the Other ADT Entries section on the ADT screen in the ITC.
  • Select and click Add to Add these items to the Other ADT entries list.
  • Click Up/Down to determine the order of these columns.

  • Next, choose the order of the ADT field columns on the ADT Search screen
  • Click Up/Down to change their order.
  • Click Save when finished. 

Please watch a short video that describes How to Customize the ADT Screen:

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