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What are the characteristics of the ITC Editor Function Panel?

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What are the characteristics of the ITC Editor Function Panel?


Within the InfraWare 360 platform is the InfraWare Transcription Client Editor, or ITC Editor for short.  The ITC Editor is where MTs perform transcription work.  


The tabs within the Function Panel are:

  1. Job Info (F1)
  2. Audio Controls (F2)
  3. Document Specifications (F4)
  4. Normals (F5)
  5. QA Marks (F6)
  6. Facility Msgs (F7)
  7. Feedback (F8) - This tab displays feedback provided from the Facility.
  8. QA Scoring (F9) - This tab is only displayed for jobs which have been QA Scored, or MT Feedback provided.  See KB306 for details.

Job Info

Press F1 to go to this tab.  The Job Info tab in the Function Panel supplies basic dictation and patient demographic information.

Audio Controls

  • Controls:  Press F2 to go to this tab.  The Audio Controls tab allows MTs to adjust audio specifications.  These specifications include audio progress (where in the dictation the audio is playing), volume, play speed, pitch, and amplification.
    • Silence Skip:  Dictation will now go through a process that will attempt to detect periods of silence (where there is no dictation in the audio file).  If this process is successful you can enable automatic skipping of silence in the ITC Function Panel, Audio (F2) tab.  Pressing Shift + F12 will toggle this setting.  See KB948 for details.
    • Synchronous Playback:  See KB97 for details on this feature.  It can be toggled on and off using Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+Spacebar or F12, or the checkbox from within a job.  The default behavior can also be changed in ITC User Settings (KB56).
  • Waveform:  As a compliment to Silence Skip, the ITC will now display the waveform (graphical representation of the audio) as a sub-tab under the Audio (F2) tab.  As playback occurs, the red arrow at the bottom will indicate the current audio position.  The MT can also use their mouse to click on the waveform to skip to a desired location.  The waveform is displayed by clicking the sub-tab highlighted in the first image below, or by pressing Ctrl + F2 (pressing F2 will continue to display the regular Audio Control sub-tab).

Document Specifications

Press F4 to go to this tab.  If the job matches the criteria for any specification assignments, they will be displayed on this tab.  These specifications are defined at the Account level, Facility level, Document Category level, Document Type level, or Author and Facility Combination.


Press F5 to go to this tab.  If you have created Normals, you can view those here.  Use the Normals to insert predefined text within the document.  Normals can also be accessed in the document itself with a right-click or keystroke (Ctrl+N).

QA Marks

Press F6 to go to this tab.  This tab displays QA Marks, analogous to "blanks".  The feature allows you to insert QA Marks that mark the Selected Text, the Selected Audio Position, as well as inserting additional notes for the downstream QA editor.

Facility Messages

Press F7 to go to this tab.  If approved to do so by your Administrator, you can add a message to send back to the Facility on this tab.  Forcing eSign-off is an optional selection for the purpose of making sure the author sees the message.


Press F8 to go to this tab.  If there is any feedback on this job from the Facility (if it were returned for correction, for example), it will be displayed here.


QA Scoring

Press F1 to go to this tab.  For completed jobs which have been QA Scored or MT Feedback provided the QA Scoring (F9) tab will be available.   This tab is only displayed for Completed jobs which have been QA Scored, or MT Feedback provided.  See KB306 for details on MT Feedback/QA Scoring. 

Further, the Function Panel can be toggled off and on to show more of the document by pressing the F11 key.  In addition to recalling the Function Panel with F11, you can recall a certain tab by pressing its function key, such as F6 for QA Marks.  Pressing Ctrl + F11 will leave the Function Panel open and move cursor focus to the ITC Editor.

The ITC Editor supports keystroke shortcuts for nearly every command.  A legend of those shortcuts can be accessed from the Help menu, pressing Shift and F1, or by viewing KB168.

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