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How do I perform a search on the ADT screen for ADT records?

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How to Perform an ADT Record Search from the ADT Window


While in the InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC), MTs and QA Editors can perform a search of ADT records that are saved in the ADT database either from an ADT Feed or that were manually entered via the IMC/EHR or through ITC entry.  The ability to search for an ADT record helps the MT confirm that the right patient demographic information is matched to each and every job.   


  • Login to the ITC using your username and password.
  • To open a downloaded job, simply double-click or press enter on any selected job in the list. 
  • The ADT Window will open. 
  • Enter dictated information for lookup into one of the fields below and click Alt+S.  
    • Medical Record Number
    • Account Number
    • Order Number
    • Patient First Name
    • Patient Last Name
    The contents of that field will be copied into the Search screen to run a search.   If no records are found, then the search field criteria is set to "All Fields."  (Please refer to KB article #325 for ADT Search Screen Shortcuts):

  • The Search Patient Visits Window will open and automatically search based on your criteria.

  • Select the correct ADT record
  • Click View ADT (Alt+V) to view the ADT record in the ADT Screen
  • Click Accept ADT (Alt+A) to accept the ADT record and Accept and Close the ADT screen.  This will bring you to the ITC Editor window to begin transcribing. 



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