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What are the steps to eSign a document in the Secure Web Portal?

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eSignature:  Step-by-Step Instructions for the Secure Web Portal


This guide will take the Author through each step of the Online Editor Sign off process to eSign a job in the Secure Web Portal.  This includes editing the job, returning the job for corrections, and approving the job for signature.  It assumes your administrator has configured your jobs to be routed for eSign and you have jobs eSign-off Pending.


  • Login to the Secure Web Portal app.InfraWare.com/Portal with your username and password.
  • On the Reports tab, click the eSign-off sub-tab
  • All of the jobs available for eSign (Sign-off Pending Status) are displayed and selected with a checkmark next to the job number.
  • Click Online Editor Sign off
  • The Online Editor will open with the first job displayed
For each job:
  • To edit ADT information (patient demographics):
    • Click the ADT
    • ADT window will open for edits to be made, click Accept when finished.
  • To download and listen to the audio:
    • Click the Audio tab
    • Click Download Recording
    • Control Audio with a Transcription Foot Pedal or the controls on the screen

  • To view Messages from the MT:
    • Click Messages Tab
    • Click each message in the list to review

  • Review the job in the Online Editor and make changes if needed. 
  • Click the eSign Actions tab
    • Perform eSign
      • No changes made to document:  Select eSign Original document
      • Changes made to document:  eSign Modified Document
    • Do Not eSign
      • Reject = This will return the job to QA for further editing.  Please note why in Comments section
      • Skip = Skip the report to eSign/Review later
      • Reject & Save = This will save any changes the author has made to the report and then return the job to QA for further editing
      • Skip & Save = This will save any changes the author has made and keep the report available for eSign/Review. Please note why in Comments section

After all jobs are eSigned:

  • Print Reports
    • Select to Print All Signed Reports or All Viewed Reports
    • Check Print Envelopes and Print Extra Copy for Each Envelope for carbon copies
  • Save Reports to Disk
    • Choose format to save:  Word, RTF, PDF
    • Choose to save all Signed Reports or All Viewed Reports
  • Click Exit when done
Please note: If you choose not to Print or Save Reports, just click Exit.   Reports can be printed and downloaded by your InfraWare Facility Administrator (a member of your office staff). 

eSignature Step by Step Instructions.pdf (484.6Kb)

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