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Display the transcribing MT's name during QA

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How to Display Transcribing MT's Name During QA


The InfraWare 360 platform provides a feature that when enabled allows the QA editor to see the name of the MT who transcribed the job that they are currently editing.  With this information, the QA Editor can provide MT-specific QA Score/MT feedback for more personalized training. 


To enable Display Transcribing MT's name during QA:

  • Log into the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) using your InfraWare Administrator Username and password
  • Click on the Administration tab and click Edit Account
  • Scroll down and place a checkmark on "Display the Transcribing MT's Name During QA"

  • Click Save Changes. 

Where do I find the transcribing MT's name while in the ITC and Online Editor 2009 (QA in IMC)?

  • At the top of the form of the ITC Editor/Online Editor Window

  • On the QA Score Tab (F9)

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