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What are the keystroke shortcuts available in the ADT Search Screen?

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ADT Search Screen Keystroke Shortcuts


The InfraWare Transcription Client (ITC) has many shortcuts available for use while on the ADT Search screen.  When in the ADT screen, clicking Alt + S will launch the ADT Search Screen (see KB324 for ADT shortcuts) to automatically run the search, if no records are found then the field criteria will be set to ‘All Fields’.

With the ADT Search Screen Open:

  • Alt + S = Perform Search
  • Alt + V = View ADT Record
  • Alt + A = Accept ADT Record without viewing ADT screen.  This accepts the ADT record and closes the ADT, bringing you to the ITC Editor Window
  • Alt + C or Esc = Cancel.  This closes the ADT Search Screen
  • Press Down Arrow = Search by: scrolls through this list of ADT fields to search by.
  • Ctrl + S = Focus on Search Text Box
  • Ctrl + R = Focus on Results Area. 
  • When in the Results area, pressing Enter will open the ADT record. 

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