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What are the options for dictation on the InfraWare 360 platform?

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Dictation Options for InfraWare 360 Platform


The InfraWare 360 platform provides multiple methods for sending dictations to the platform. Below is an overview of these options with additional links to knowledge base articles that provide additional information for each.

Option #1:  Telephone Dictation System (TDS):

  • Authors have the option to dictate into the telephone dictation system (TDS).   The InfraWare 360 platform provides the standard InfraWare default phone numbers:
    • 317-489-4661  (Terre Haute, Indiana)
    • 866-685-2649 (toll free)
  • InfraWare Account Administrators also have the option of ordering a custom local number for their facilities based on their local address.
    • This provides a local number for Authors to use to call in dictations
    • Login and PIN are customizable
    • TDS keypad can be customized
  • Please refer to the following KB articles for more information on the TDS: 
    • Default configuration for custom numbers, KB# 265
    • TDS Keypad customization,  KB# 248
    • How do I port a telephone # to InfraWare, KB# 231
    • How do I choose a TDS phone #? KB#115

**Please note:  There are extra fees associated with a custom number.  Please contact Sales at sales@infraware.com to place an order.

Option #2:   Upload dictations from a handheld/PDR using the InfraWare Dictation Client (IDC)

  • Authors can continue to dictate using many popular handheld dictation devices (i.e. Olympus, Phillips, etc.) on the market. 
  • Please refer to the following KB articles for details on setup and use of the IDC:
    • IDC Quick Start Guide, KB# 218
    • Supported Audio Formats, KB# 20
    • Customize IDC User Settings, KB #254
    • IDC Settings - One-step Setup, KB #282

Option #3:  InfraWare Mobile allows dictation into an Apple iPhone or iPad

  • Acquire the InfraWare Mobile app from the iTunes App Store by searching for it by name.
  • Download and install it for free.
  • Start the app and login with a valid author email address and password.
  • See KB603 for details.

Option #4:  Dictate directly into the InfraWare Dictation Client (IDC)

  • An Author can dictate directly into the IDC while sitting at his computer:
    • Using any computer headset with microphone or
    • Using a speechmike type device such as the Olympus DR-1000.  These devices can be programmed to control the IDC
  • In addition to the KB articles in Option #2 above, please refer to the following KB articles for specifics on recording into the IDC: 
    • How can I control recording in the IDC? KB #253
    • How to customize recording controls in the IDC, KB# 296

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