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How do I edit/create templates for First Draft?

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Creating/Editing Templates for First Draft (FD)


At the time an author is enrolled in First Draft (FD) Dictation Recognition, the author's templates must be updated to be compatible with First Draft. This article will help you get started with that process.


  • ITE version or later.
  • There can be no First Draft Fields on the template in order to auto-generate using this feature.
  • Administrator login ID and password (or Facility Admin with permission to use ITE KB554)


  • Login to the InfraWare Template Editor
    • Open an Existing Template
  • Manually adjust and/or add First Draft Fields as needed:  See KB547 for details on First Draft Fields.
    • Initial First Draft Output field code
      • Should be placed in the template where the Author's dictation normally begins
      • Click Insert --> Document Fields --> First Draft --> Initial First Draft Output
    • First Draft Region: See KB806 for details.
      • This field code is placed after each heading or subheading in the template (i.e. Chief Complaint, Physical Exam, History, etc.)
      • Ctrl + Shift + R or click Insert --> Document Fields --> First Draft --> First Draft Region
    • First Draft Areas: See KB778 for details.
  • Enter phrases that the author may use when he wants to start dictating this particular heading (At least one phrase must be filled in).  See KB757 and KB762 for details on how First Draft Phrases work and best practices.
    • If the First Draft Region was auto-generated, popular phrases for that heading will already be included
    • Double click on the First Draft Region field code to edit/add phrases.
    • Add additional phrases if needed
    • To remove a phrase, select the phrases under Current Phrases and click Remove Phrase
    • Use Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + S or click OK when done.

When all First Draft fields are completed:

  • Save the template to the platform as normal.  See KB227 for more information on creating templates.
  • If you are creating a new template, it needs to be linked with a Document Type.  Please see KB331 for more information on creating document types. 



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