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How do I fax a Completed Job in the Secure Web Portal?

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Faxing from the Secure Web Portal


The InfraWare 360 platform allows Facility Users with permission to download, print and fax completed jobs.  This knowledge base article provides the instructions on faxing using the Address book on the platform.


  • Login to the Secure Web Portal using your InfraWare username and password.
  • From the Reports tab, select a completed job that you would like to fax.
  • Place a checkmark next to that job.
  • Click Fax
  • The Fax on Demand window will open
    • Type in the fax number or
    • Scroll to the bottom of the window and look up the fax in the Address Book and select. 
    • Place a checkmark on "Require Release before Delivery" if you want to place a hold on the fax.  See KB article 153 for information on Require Release before Delivery
    • Place a checkmark on "Include a Cover Page" if one is desired --> Fill in the blanks as required for the cover page.
    • Click the Fax Button


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