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How can a Facility Admin create and print envelopes from the Secure Web Portal?

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Creating/Printing Envelopes from the Secure Web Portal


When a Facility Administrator needs to create and print an envelope for a carbon copy for a job that is in the complete status, they should use the following steps. 


  • Login to the Secure Web Portal using your InfraWare username and password
  • Click on the Reports tab.
  • Locate the completed job(s) that you would like to create and print an envelope.
  • Place a checkmark next to that job. 
  • Click Download

  • This opens the Download on Demand Window
    • Format: Select Word
    • If more than one job is selected:  How to Combine the Documents?  Choose Zipped
    • Click Download

  • When the Windows Dialog box appears, select "Open"

  • The following dialog window will also open. 
  • Click the "Click to Close Window" button when download is done.

  • Double click on the Word document you would like to open. 

  • Use Word to Create and Print the envelopes needed.

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