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How do I make a Job Stat in the Secure Web Portal?

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Marking a Job STAT in the Secure Web Portal


The InfraWare 360 platform allows Facility Administrators to mark new jobs STAT from the Secure Web Portal. 


  • Permissions to mark a job STAT in the Secure Web Portal.


  • Login to the Secure Web Portal using your Facility Administrator Username and Password
  • Click the Quick Search tab and search for the job that you would like to make STAT by selecting Job# as your criteria and then enter the Job # and clicking Search:
  • Click on the Job Number to open up the Job Properties Window
  • Click Change Job Properties
  • Place a checkmark in the STAT box and click Save Changes.

The job is now marked STAT and the Transcriptionists working on your account will immediately be notified of the change in status from normal to STAT.

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