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How can I select the time zone for a Facility?

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Facility:  Set Time Zone

An Administrator can select the time zone for a Facility in the InfraWare 360 platform.  This can be important for properly establishing the LOCAL time for date and timestamps associated with jobs.  All dates and times are stored in the platform in Universal Time (UTC) which is independent of time zone of any particular users.  However, dates such as dictation time are often displayed in a local time format that depends on the correct time zone setting. In the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) click the Administration tab, then select the Facilities sub-tab, then click on the name of the Facility to be edited.

Note:  Timestamps that are used by fields in documents typed in the ITC will display the time (dictated or transcribed) at the time it was typed.  If a document is viewed at a later date, the time in the document may not match what a user would see in the IMC or Secure Web Portal.  This is due to either a change to/from Daylight Savings Time, or a change in the Time Zone setting in the User Preferences in the IMC/Secure Web Portal.

Note: The Facility Settings page can be viewed in either a Basic view or an Advanced view (with more detailed options).  The time zone displays on either view.

To add or change information, select the appropriate timezone from the drop-down box next to the Time zone heading.  Don't forget to check the box to Observe Daylight Savings if appropriate.

 Facility Settings Screenshot

Link: Jump to this page in the IMC.

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