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What to do if the Online Editor does not open?

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Online Editor Will Not Open


Internet Explorer settings

If the Online Editor does not open up (no pop-ups or anything) the first time the Online Editor is used after installation it may be necessary to follow these steps:

  • Add https://*.infraware.com to Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer:
    • In Internet Explorer click on Tools or use Keyboard Shortcut Alt + X and go to Internet Options.  In the latest versions of IE the File Menu is hidden by default and will become visible by pressing Alt on the keyboard or you can click on the icon and then select Internet Options.
    • Click on the Security tab
    • Select Trusted Sites (green checkmark icon) and then click the Sites button
    • In the Add field, enter https://*.infraware.com and click Add
    • Click Close
    • Click OK
  • Add https://*.infraware.com to the Pop-up blocker
    • In Internet Explorer, click Tools --> Pop-Up Blocker --> Pop-up blocker Settings
    • Under "Address of website to allow" enter *.infraware.com and click Add
    • Click Close to close the window
  • Login to the IMC or Secure Web Portal again and attempt to use the Online Editor to confirm it is working properly.

Note:  Steps may vary in different versions of Internet Explorer

Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge

If your default browser is Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge, some adjustments will need to be made in the settings to allow the Online Editor to open. 

  • Chrome, instructions for using Chrome can be found in KB740.
  • Firefox, instructions for using Firefox can be found in KB901.
  • Edge, instructions for using Edge can be found in KB1000.

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