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How do I see what MT Editors are enabled for First Draft?

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See what MT Editors are Enabled for First Draft


The InfraWare 360 platform provides a speech recognition option available called First Draft.  When First Draft is enabled on your account, you can easily see what the Access Level and Mask Levels are set to for each MT on the First Draft Tab, Editors Sub-tab. 


  • Login to the IMC using your Administrator username and password
  • Select the First Draft tab, Editors sub-tab

  • First Draft Editor Screen
    • % of Eligible FD =  This is the percentage of MT's work that is eligible for FD --> use this percentage to determine which MTs should be activated for First Draft based on the amount of work they do eligible for First Draft
    • % of FD = Amount of total First Draft that this MT works on --> After First Draft is turned on, this will tell you how much of your Total First Draft jobs this MT works on
    • MT % FD = Percentage of MT's total work that is editing First Draft completed over the last 30 days
  • First Draft access level options include:
    • Transcription jobs only - this is the default.  No First Jobs will be available.
    • Receives Transcription jobs, then First Draft jobs - only receives First Draft jobs when regular transcription jobs are not available.
    • Either Transcription or First Draft jobs - Jobs are routed to user with no preference related to First Draft (or not).
    • Receives First Draft jobs first, then Transcription jobs - only receives transcription jobs when regular First Draft jobs are not available.
    • First Draft jobs only - First Draft jobs will be routed to this user, but to regular transcription jobs.

Note: You can establish these settings on the Transcriptionist Settings pagePlease reference KB531 for more info on enabling MTs to receive First Draft jobs.

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