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Facility Fax Logo

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Upload Facility Logo for Fax Cover Page

InfraWare customers can upload the Facility logo to display on Fax Cover Page when faxes are sent on behalf of that facility.  


  • Login to the InfraWare Management Console (IMC)
  • Click the Administration tab and then click the Facilities sub-tab
  • Click to choose the Facility you want to set up 
  • Click Switch to Advanced View if you are in Basic View
  • Scroll down to the Document Delivery System section
Jump to list of Facilities >> to select one



  • Click Manage link next to the Fax Logo heading

  • Place a checkmark next to "Use Facility Specific Logo"

  • Confirm that the Facility Logo meets the criteria provided above
  • Click Browse to locate it on your computer
  • Click Update Image
  • The image will immediately be used on fax cover pages for this facility

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