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What is the InfraWare proprietary results interface format?

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Results Interface:  InfraWare Proprietary Format


A growing need for many of our customers is the ability to deliver transcribed documents along with the accompanying data for the job, such as patient demographics or facility specific identifiers. InfraWare supports interfacing with EMRs via HL7 standards, and we also offer our own proprietary results file format.  HL7 interfaces can be customized to meet the customer's needs, and a default format is readily available.  Unfortunately, the HL7 standards don't support all the data fields and features available in the InfraWare 360 platform.  For that reason, we offer our proprietary format that is available in a plain text and contains all the platform fields.  The format is defined in the attached PDF.

This alternative is available free of charge and without any special setup effort. We have created the InfraWare Proprietary Format, which will contain all of the information (87 different attributes) that we maintain for each job. This format contains text in a simple layout, which allows for easy parsing by reading a value from each line. For example:

ADTUDF1=My Custom Value

In addition to the 87 job attributes, the InfraWare Proprietary Format will contain the transcribed document itself. The transcribed document can be embedded as Plain Text (txt), Rich Text (rtf), Word (doc), or PDF.

This format is intended to be delivered to an SFTP or FTPS server as jobs are completed. Once the file has been delivered, the receiving facility can parse the file for the transcribed document and associated attributes that they are interested in (e.g., job number, MRN, etc.). From there, that information can be manipulated and used however the facility likes, which most often involves the information being imported into an EMR.

This option is available to all customers from the Delivery Plans page.  Please see KB243 for interface specifications and KB339 for more information on Delivery Plans. 

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