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What is a File Retrieval Service and how do I set one up?

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File Retrieval Services Explained


The InfraWare 360 platform provides many options for uploading physician audio files to the platform.  In addition to the TDS, uploading from a handheld using the IDC (InfraWare Dictation Client), and dictating directly into the IDC, audio files can also be uploaded automatically using a File Retrieval Service.  When a File Retrieval Service is setup, it automatically scans a specified folder on an SFTP at regular intervals (every 15-20 minutes).  When the files are uploaded, they are immediately available for MTs to transcribe just as they would when the dictator uses the phone, the IDC or a handheld.  

The first step in setting this up is to fill out the attached File Retrieval Spec Sheet and email it to support@infraware.com.  Use the attached worksheet as a template.  Our Support Department will then contact you with any questions and any costs that may be associated with the setup. 

Please watch a short video that describes the file retrieval service feature:

File Retrieval Specifications Needed.doc (43.0Kb)

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