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What are Detailed Stats?

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Detailed Stats Page Explained


In the InfraWare Management Console, Administrators can get detailed information from the Queue tab when they access the Detailed Statistics link. 


  • Login to the IMC using your Administrator Username and Password

  • Click on the Queue tab to open up the Admin Queue page
  • On the far left, click on hyperlinked "Incomplete - Length"
  • This opens the Queue Stats Page

  • On the Queue stats page:
    • Select the Facility from the drop-down or All
    • Consider Jobs with a Status Lower than = Choose from the drop-down menu
    • Overview of the queue is displayed including the Duration of jobs not started, in transcribing status, QA status, and in eSign-off.
    • Displays the Duration of jobs in which the TAT has expired
    • Displays the Total duration of the jobs in queue

  • Scroll down further to see Details by Document Type

To Exit this page, Click on the Queue Tab

Jump to the Detailed Stats page >>

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