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How can I track MT work time?

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How to track MT work time


The InfraWare 360 platform allows Administrators to track the time that MTs spend on each job by running a pay report.  This report displays for each job a MT worked: the duration, time worked (time the editing screen is open), pay unit count, and the amount earned. The report can be filtered by Pay Models, Transcriptionist, Pools, or Authors. Grouping options are by Document Type or Author. The report may be expanded by Facility, Document Type or Author. Results may be displayed using dollar amounts and/or External IDs.


  • Login to the InfraWare Management Console (IMC) using your IW Administrator username and password
  • Select the Report Tab  Pay

Jump to Pay Report page >>

  • Select the desired date range, report display and filters
  • Select Display Report

  • Scroll down to view the report
  • Note that the report may contain multiple pages

  • Each MT’s production will be shown with Work Time clearly displayed for each job and totaled beneath the column.

Note: There is a separate report for QA Pay, also under the Reports tab in the IMC.


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