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Why do I need to Create Document Types?

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The importance of Document Types


Document Types are roughly equivalent to work types.  The InfraWare 360 uses Document Types to assign templates and workflow rules to each job that is created on the platform. When transcriptionists receive jobs with no associated template the problem is most likely caused by the need for a Document Type. New InfraWare 360 Administrators grasp the importance of creating Document Templates using the InfraWare Template Editor and saving these templates to the platform where they are visible in the IMC and can be assigned to Document Types. Saved templates can be viewed in Document Config → Template

Sometimes, new Admins omit the next step of associating these templates with Document types. Created Document Types will be listed in Document Config → Document Types. If transcriptionists are receiving jobs that have no template the most likely cause is that the Document Type has not been created.

To create Document Types follow instructions in KB331. To create new templates see KB227.

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