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Why will a QA Pending job not route to me when I log into the ITC?

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How to Troubleshoot QA Routing Problems


QA jobs are routed according to specific authorizations indicated in the QA workflow. If you are logged into the ITC and your status is set for "Doing QA and ready for new jobs" but you are not receiving a jobs in QA Pending status, then there is a problem with your authorization.

Steps to route this job to a specific QA editor

  •  An Admin should find this job in the Queue in the IMC and open the job properties page by clicking once on the job number

  • Under Job Assignments select Change beside QA:

  • Select the account user to whom you wish to route this job
  • Save your selection

Step to troubleshoot future routing

  •  To give this QA Editor the ability to access any QA job, go to this user's settings in the IMC and check the box next to QA Admin

To set up automatic routing to a specific QA editor by transcriptionist, Facility, Author, or Document Type go to the Workflow Tab in the IMC and follow directions in KB180

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