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How can I create a separate workforce that can only see and produce jobs for a few designated facility customers?

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Production Units


InfraWare 360 allows Global customers to create separate Production Units that can segregate the various partner companies into separate workforces. This allows them to control visibility and access to jobs for assigned facilities/document types/authors only.  Production Units are linked accounts which can be linked to a Master Account in order to segment production with distributed administration. Linked accounts allow distribution of work while still allowing for the separate administration of users within each linked account.  Production Unit (PU) Admins are empowered to lead within their PUs only and are not able to view or effect any other workers or customers not specifically assigned to their PU.  

In order to have access to Production Units for your account, you will need to open a ticket with InfraWare Support by sending an email to support@infraware.com

Master Account Domain - The master account defines which facilities are shared

  • All Facilities
  • All Authors
  • Document Types (templates)
  • All Jobs

 Linking a Facility to a PU - Exposes to the Production Unit (PU)

  • Designated facilities
  • Authors in designated facilities
  • Applicable document types

This does not automatically route jobs to the PU. See KB787


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