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How does playback work when reaching the end of the audio file?

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Rewind to Start When End of Job Reached Explained

When playing audio dictation in the ITC to transcribe or edit a document, upon reaching the end of the recording the behavior of the playback can be setup to either stop or wrap around to continue playing at the beginning. 

To specify this behavior in the ITC, load the ITC Settings (F10 from the main window or "Tools --> Options --> User Settings" from ITC editor window).  On the General tab, check or uncheck the box labeled: "Rewind to start when end of job reached."

If not checked, the playback stops upon reaching the end.  If checked, the playback continues by wrapping around to the beginning of the file.  Keep in mind that when jobs have been split or duplicated, all jobs based on the original dictation contain the entire audio so the audio at the beginning of the file might be related to a different encounter.

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