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How can I establish the default play speed and volume in the ITC?

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Establishing Default Playback Speed & Volume in the ITC


When playing audio dictation in the ITC to transcribe or edit a document, the transcriptionist can adjust the speed, volume, pitch and amplification on the Audio Controls tab of the Function Panel.  At the start of each job, these adjustments are set to the default specified in the ITC Settings.


To specify these behaviors in the ITC, load the ITC Settings (F10 from the main window).  On the General tab, adjust the sliders for Play Speed and Volume to the desired levels.  For volume, note that 1X is real time (the speed at which the recording was made).  .8X is 80% of the original speed, and 1.2X is 120% (20% faster) than the original speed.

  • Default pitch and amplification can also be specified.  It is recommended to leave these at the default of 0 unless determined something different is needed. 
  • Pitch can be adjusted either positive or negative to flatten or sharpen an author's accent.  This is especially helpful with ESL doctors to improve clarity.
  • Amplification is slightly different than volume, although it adds volume.  In general, the volume of audio playback can be turned up to 100% without distorting the fidelity of the recording.  When more volume is needed (greater than 100%) amplification is the solution.  Amplification should be used sparingly because changing this setting can result in distortion. 

Note: Unless you are only working with one dictator, it is best to leave the Pitch and Amplification settings as programmed in the ITC Settings. Those settings can be adjusted on the fly when transcribing a document in the ITC Editor.

See KB168 for Keyboard Shortcuts.



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