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How can I prevent leading spaces on new lines?

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Preventing Leading Spaces on New Lines


When editing in the ITC, there can be cases where new lines in the editor will start with a space.  This can happen when the MT adds two spaces after a period that was right at the end of a line.  The first space would cause the editor to wrap to a new line and the second space would move the cursor to column 2.  When this setting is turned on, the ITC detects the situation and prevents the 2nd (and subsequent) spaces from appearing.


This setting can be turned on/off in the ITC:

To change your preferences in the General User Settings screen, just follow the quick, easy steps below:

  • From the ITC Main Window:  Select the Settings menu ⇒ User Settings option Edit User Settings or Keyboard Shortcut F10.
  • From the Editor:  Select the Tools menu Options User Settings
  • On the General Tab,  check box next to "Prevent leading space following word wrap to new line" to turn on this feature
  • Press Save and restart ITC for changes to take effect.

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