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How can I prevent First Draft for jobs that are too short or too long?

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Setting the Dictation Length Limits for Jobs Going through First Draft

The size limits on the First Draft Tuning page let you set which jobs InfraWare will perform recognition on based on duration.  You can set a minimum value in seconds and a maximum value in minutes that will determine when a job is sent to First Draft processing and when processing is skipped. First Draft enrollment would be a prerequisite.

  • Login to the IMC using your Administrator username and password
  • Select the First Draft tab, Editors sub-tab

Here are a few scenarios where this setting might be useful:

  • If a doctor sometimes dictates quick notes on patients indicating that the patient did not show up for an appointment, you may want to skip recognition on these quick, simple jobs.  If these dictations are typically less than half a minute for instance, and the doctor's normal reports are 5 minutes long, you could set the size limit to say "Do not perform speech recognition on Jobs shorter than 30 seconds."

  • If a doctor sometimes combines several reports into the same dictation, including those of different Document Types, you might consider skipping recognition for these more complicated jobs.  Take into consideration any MT feedback, understanding of the workflow and any MT Productivity data available.  If a typical report is 5 minutes long, you could set the bottom box to say "Do not perform speech recognition on Jobs longer than 10 minutes."

These size limits can be set for an entire Account or for a specific Author or Document Type.  If an Author or Document Type has size limits set up, they always take precedence over the default size limits for an Account.  If there are not any size limits set up for a certain Author, the Account defaults are always used.  See KB895 for details on FD Tuning Override Settings.


  • Once this setting is changed and saved it will not modify existing drafts for jobs already on the platform.  This setting change would be applied to new drafts dictated after you make the change.
  • When a job comes in to the platform it gets flagged for First Draft based on the User (Author) + Doc Type + Dictation Source combination.  Before the recording conversion process the duration of the job is not known yet, so the settings to exclude a job based on audio length are not taken into account.  When the converted recording is saved to the database, it re-evaluates the duration-based rules and turns off the FD flag if appropriate. 
    • In the case of a job which is in "Unable to process" status it never got to that step, so it is still flagged for FD. 
      • There would not be any charge for a job like this though, since it never actually went through FD and would not have any metrics saved.  In a case such as this there is nothing that can be used for billing, so there would be no First Draft charge for this job.

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