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What do the parameters for the Productivity Trending Report mean?

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For an explanation on how to use the Productivity Trending Report, please see KB497

  • Dates:  The window of time you would like to investigate for a certain MT.
    • Only First Draft Jobs will be included in the production rate calculation.
  • Time Zone:  Choose the time zone to be used for the selected Start and End Dates.  Check the Daylight Savings box to observe Daylight Savings with your Time Zone selection.
  • MT:  The MT for which you would like to investigate production rates. MTs whose names are green are First Draft enabled.
  • Interval length:  How many days will be rolled into a single data point on the graph.
    • For instance, if you want to look at a weekly average to get an idea of a trend over a long period of time, you could use 7 days. If you want to investigate a trend over a shorter period of time, you may choose 1 day for daily averages.
  • Include Split Jobs:  Check the box to include jobs which were duplicated/split.
    • By default, split jobs (jobs which were duplicated) will be excluded from results.


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