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What is the Keyboard Shortcut Comparison Report?

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Keyboard Shortcut Comparison Report Parameters Explained

For an explanation of the parameters for the Keystroke Report, see KB502


The Keystroke Report is a tool for analyzing how well a transcriptionist is picking up the editing keystrokes necessary for increased production speed.

The report displays two values for a wide range of keystrokes. The first is the gross number of times that the transcriptionist used that keystroke during jobs in the given time frame. The second number is an “indicator” which is a ratio of keystrokes pressed to lines produced during the time frame. This is useful because it lets you compare keystroke adoption between two transcriptionists who have very different volume.

The keystroke report can be very useful in attempting to figure out why a transcriptionist is struggling with First Draft adoption. For instance, if you saw that one transcriptionisthad low production numbers on the MT Productivity Report (KB495), you could check here to see if he or she isn’t using certain keystrokes as much as your good editors. As an example, let’s say that we saw on the MT Productivity Report that Sheeter had a production rate significantly lower than Debbie despite the fact that both are editing the same doctor. Checking the Keystroke report, we can see part of the reason why:

Sheeter’s indicator for several important keystrokes is much lower than Debbie’s. While some editors may have different styles than others, using keystrokes effectively is typically an important part of being a fast editor.

The newest format of the Keystroke Report includes indicators under the main column heading:


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