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What do the parameters for the Keyboard Shortcut Comparison Report mean?

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Keyboard Shortcut Comparison Report Parameters Explained

For a description of how to interpret the Keystroke Report, see KB501Descriptions for each of the parameters are listed below:

  • Facility: Filter the report to only include jobs from a certain Facility.
  • Start/End Dates:  The window of time from which the report includes jobs. So, any job which was transcribed after the start date and before the end date will be included on the report.
  • Time Zone:  Choose the time zone to be used for the selected Start and End Dates.  Check the Daylight Savings box to observe Daylight Savings with your Time Zone selection.
  • Job Status:  The types of jobs should be included in the report. Jobs can be from the Transcription stage (whether that is typical transcription or editing), the QA stage, or both. If you select “Transcription Only,” the report will only contain jobs that the MTs worked in the “Ready for Transcription” status. If you select “QA Only,” it will only contain jobs that were worked in the “QA Pending” status. “Transcription and QA” will return both, which will be all of the jobs that the MT worked. This distinction is in place in case you want to look at keystroke reports for your QA personnel.
  • First Draft Only:  Checkbox will filter jobs to those that had First Drafts. This is useful if you’re only interested in your editors, and you don’t want normal transcription jobs to affect the totals of the report.
  • Include Split Jobs:  By default, split jobs (jobs which were duplicated) will be excluded from results.  The “include Split Jobs” checkbox can be used to includes jobs which were duplicated/split.
  • Scope:  Filter the report to a particular MT or pool of MTs.

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