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What is the Keyboard Shortcut Trending Report?

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Keyboard Shortcut Trending Report Explained

For a description of the parameters in the Keystroke Trending Report, see KB504

The Keystroke Trending Report is a tool for analyzing your MTs’ utilization of keystrokes over time, and how this relates to their production rate.

The report displays two graphs. The first is production rate, which is measured as 65-character lines produced per hour  (excluding idle time). The next graph is Keystroke usage, measured as the number of keystrokes used (in your selected category) per 65 character line.

These graphs can have a number of uses, but one of them would be to investigate an MT that is failing to adapt to First Draft well. If the MT’s keystroke usage is low and static, it could be that he or she needs some additional training to learn how to begin functioning effectively as an editor. It also may be good for looking for strong positive correlations as well. If you have one MT, like Debbie below, who really applies herself to begin utilizing keystrokes, you could see an increase over time for both graphs. Such an MT could be a good mentor or coach for other MTs who may be struggling.

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