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How do I enable MTs to be editors from the First Draft Editors page?

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MT to Editor Enable Option on First Draft Page


To allow an MT to begin receiving First Draft work, simply find them on the list under the Editors page on the First Draft tab, then select the access level you want them to have from the drop down list.  First Draft enrollment is required for this option.


  • Login to the IMC using your Administrator username and password
  • Select the First Draft tab, Editors sub-tab

Options include:

  • Transcription jobs only - this is the default.  No First Jobs will be available.
  • Receives Transcription jobs, then First Draft jobs - only receives First Draft jobs when regular transcription jobs are not available.
  • Either Transcription or First Draft jobs - Jobs are routed to user with no preference related to First Draft (or not).
  • Receives First Draft jobs first, then Transcription jobs - only receives transcription jobs when regular First Draft jobs are not available.
  • First Draft jobs only - First Draft jobs will be routed to this user, but to regular transcription jobs.

Once you have selected all the MTs you want to allow access to First Draft, click the save changes button at the top or bottom of the screen. You will be redirected to the First Draft front page once your changes are saved.

This won't change whether speech recognition is performed for any particular job, but it will influence whether a job that has gone through First Draft can be routed to the MT/editor enabled.

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