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How can I find out which transcriptionists can work on jobs for a specific author?

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How to View Which Transcriptionists Have Rights to Dictations by an Author


InfraWare 360 allows administrators to automatically route jobs from a specific author to a specific MT.


In Author Settings for an author, under the heading Workflow Settings, select Transcriptionist Access. Refer to KB226 for directions on creating Author. Author enrollment is required for this option.

  • Log into the IMC using your username and password.
  • Navigate to the Administration tab, and select the Users sub-tab, find the Author and click their name. The User Settings page will appear.
  • Navigate to Facility Roles, and select Author Settings.
  • Under Workflow Settings, select Transcriptionist Access.

The following information will be displayed:

  • Which transcriptionists are authorized for all authors
  • Which transcriptionists are authorized for this specific author
  • Which transcriptionists are authorized for a Pool of this Author
  • Which transcriptionists are authorized for the entire facility

To make adjustments to how jobs route to transcriptionists see KB220.

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